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Medical Research

Research on FOP is going on all over the world with major research centres at University Of Pennsylvania; USA, Institute of Medical Genetics; United Kingdom and Royal Children's Hospital Genetics Clinic; Australia.

A major breakthrough was achieved in year 2006 when the cause of FOP, a gene, was found. FOP gene encodes a BMP receptor called Activin Receptor Type IA, or ACVR1, one of three known BMP Type I receptors. BMP receptors are protein switches that help determine the fate of the stem cells in which they are expressed. The ACVR1 protein is 509 amino acids long, and in FOP the amino acid histidine is substituted for the amino acid arginine at amino acid position 206 in all affected individuals.
In FOP, the ACVR1 gene is damaged by the substitution of a single genetic letter at a specific location in the gene

It was found after years of efforts & dedication of scientists headed by Dr. Frederick Kaplan, Dr. Michael Zasloff, Dr. David Glaser and many others in their team.

I am deeply thankful to all the doctors, scientists and others for their tremendous support and efforts towards FOP.

I am really hopeful that some day their hard work will payoff & the cure of FOP will be found!

The detailed FOP report can be found below:-

1. Compassionate Corporate Chemistry Provides Hope for FOP

2. FOP World Leadership Program Established: Research Frontiers Expand with
Collaborators from Five Continents

3. FOP Gene Switch Deciphered in Lab and in Life

4. A Visit from the Tooth Fairy: Adult Stem Cells from Baby Teeth
Reveal Clues to Classic FOP

5. Mutant FOP Gene Enhances Cartilage and Bone Formation

6 Zebrafish Provide Knock-out Model for Study of FOP Gene

7 . Powerful Inhibitory Protein Binds Less Effectively To Damaged FOP
Receptor Than to Normal Counterpart: Molecular Mechanisms of a
Mutant Receptor

8. Computer Modeling Provides Insight into Overactive FOP Receptor

9 . FOP Toe Malformation Studied in Chickens: Developmental
Actions of Mutant Receptor Confirmed

10 .Studies in FOPPY Mice Reveal Contribution of Normally Silent Cells

11 .Receptor Partners Alter Amplitude of BMP Signals in FOP Cells

12. FOP Patients from China, Japan, and Vietnam Support Universality
of FOP Mutation

13. Diagnostic Gene Test Developed for Classic FOP

14. Novel Mutations in FOP Gene Identified in Rare FOP Variants

15. A Peripheral Feature of FOP Enters Center Stage

16. Heterotopic Ossification in Combat Amputees, Hip
Replacement Patients, Head Injury Victims, Heart Valve
Replacement Patients, and a New Jersey Governor May
All Have Connections to FOP

17. FOP Gene Identified as First Human Metamorphogene:
A Skeleton Key to the Metamorphosis

18. What needs to be done?